Monday, 30 November 2015

Its' Cold Outside!

"Its' Cold Outside"
Christmas Card Scene

I have been locked inside my studio as I am working very hard on my new book which will be launched in 2016. This publication has been a challenge as it isn't like my previous books at all and I am having to think about every single word. Far more than usual. It is at the stage when the photographs have arrived from the filming session at the photographers studio recently and I have to choose which ones to use.
For each step by step in this new book there seem to be a zillion images. I often need to select just six to lay in the design and pages of certain chapters. I look for images that clearly show how I am holding and using my brush and they have to depict what I am painting. It is hard work as I find myself concentrating so hard at times. Luckily Bailey, my dog, knows he needs to interrupt me to take me into the garden for breaks now and then. What would I do without him!

It is grey here today. The sky looks gloomy and the rain has tried to dampen my spirits. But I am so happy because so much is happening. Most importantly I am opening and reading gorgeous emails from artists who were on my workshops while I was on my USA book signing tour. Many are almost making me cry with happiness. One artist has got into a gallery for the first time already after my course, having been guided by me to try as their work was so fabulous. Another has won two prizes. Another has had several sales which were totally unexpected. It is wonderful helping others reach their goals but one message told me my workshop had changed the artists life. I won't go into detail but the words really were so very moving.

Isn't it incredible by simply moving brushes we can reach out and effect others all over the world?

Painting is powerful. And I am so happy I do indeed paint.

So happy painting and I hope whatever your dreams are they come true. And I hope if you can, you find a way to make others dreams come true as well because that is the greatest gift in life. Making others happy!



Zahed Shaikh said...

You truly inspire other artists. Not just with your incredible paintings but with your beautiful words. I attended your workshop in Seattle earlier this year in April and got a healthy dose of enthusiasm and inspiration. I believe I need another boost. I am hoping your next U.S. trip will include Texas!

Marla B., aka "Queen Bee" said...

Beautiful and soft - as always, Jean. As one would expect, this little one really looks like he's shaking his little tail feathers off!

Rubby Jones said...

You're a happy person cause you love the work you do. It's priceless. I'm happy to hear that you're now working on your new book. My friend works as a writer at and he soon wants to publish his book and wants me to make illustrations for it. I've never before worked as illustrator and I'm a little bit confused how to do it right.

Lynley van alphen said...

You are inspiring Jean, and so very generous. I have all your books and a dvd. And hope I can get your new 2016 book when it is published.
I started in watercolour quite some years ago but then went to oils....that is...until l got your first book! That was it!! Here was REAL watercolour, how it should be used, and I have been a fan ever since.
Using your methods I have just recently won two awards in a small country exhibition and SOLD one piece!
Thankyou... Jean,you are a treasure.... and maybe you may just find a space in your busy schedule to visit little old New Zealand sometime in the future.
Lynley van Alphen