Thursday, 6 October 2016

Folsom, California Demonstration October 20th 2016

Just a reminder for anyone who wishes to see me demonstrate in California. I will be signing and selling my books also!

I will be in Folsom on
20th October and everyone is welcome

The Folsom Arts Association Artist Demonstration Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 6:00 PM
at The Gallery at 48 Natoma Street in Folsom

Full details via this link.


USA Watercolour Workshop Tour : Fall 2016

"Roses and Ivy"

My blog  is about ot fall quiet as I leave for my 2016 Fall USA tour tomorrow. I will begin my tour in Dallas, Texas and then head on to two locations in California. My workshops are fully booked but I will be giving demonstrations and everyone is welcome to these.
For full details on my talks and presentations please contact the following.



I will be back!
Until then. happy painting!  

Roses in Watercolour 2016

"Summer Scents" 
Roses in watercolour 2016

I have just completed the above painting of the last of my summer roses in my cottage garden.  I absolutely love these beautiful blooms that have given such a gorgeous display all summer long.

I know my " How To Paint A Rose in a Loose Style" has been a favourite blog post for so long now. Which is why I have demonstrated painting roses like the above in my new DVD " Watercolor Flowers" 

 I really dread seeing the last of Summer, it means the last of my summer flower painting for a while as I love to sit outside to create my new paintings of each flower as it opens and evolves through each day from bud to full bloom to even the wilting stage.

I will be taking this particular painting with me on my USA tour.

But if you would like to paint flowers like this you can watch how I create them on the clip of my new DVD via the  link below.

Happy painting!


Making a Difference With Fresh Eyes

"Basking in Sunlight"
Original watercolour by Jean Haines
I always , without fail, look at all my recently finished paintings with fresh eyes every morning. The day after I have created a finished piece I can often see where a slight improvement, or not, can be made. Fresh eyes are the best for making important decisions.

Sometimes I feel a painting is definitely completed. At others I feel something is wrong, missing or needing correcting. As with the above painting.

I loved my painting "Basking in Sunlight" so much and had left it on my easel to enjoy for a while. But every time I looked at it something bothered me. My cat seemed to be floating. It needed anchoring in the composition. And so I added darker tones to create the shadow effect as the fur was nearer to the resting space the cat is laying on. To me this made the painting look far more atrractive and the story is now more complete. My cat isn't floating. It is lying on something! This is where I will put my brushes down. Any more addition of colour or detail and the spontaneity and freshness could be lost

 "Basking in Sunlight" before the shadow was added. 


Artists Tips

1) Always look at your finished work the next day with fresh eyes. 
2) Don't race to make changes or additions. 
3) Take your time to consider all your options  on how to improve your work without ruining it


A Turtles Song : Art Feature 2016

"A Turtles Song"

I am often invited to write features for art magazines. My latest
for is a really an interesting one as it looks at when we put our brushes down, as much as when we pick them up.

Its' called " A Turtles Song" and can be read via this link.

I loved writing it so I do hope you enjoy it! 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

On The Fence 2016 : Robin in Watercolour

"On The Fence"
Original Watercolour 
Copyright Jean Haines

A very hectic day. I am preparing to leave for my USA 2016 Fall tour and also delivering work to galleries that represent me. It has been a wonderful year for sales so I am arranging a collection of original paintinsg to be on show while I am away.  I am also  painting a "Birds in Watercolour" series for a gallery Christmas Show.

Above is "On the Fence ". Our little cheeky robin makes another appearance in my watercolours. I realised this would make a great Christmas Card so it could be mine this year. The eye is very bright and shiny. Just like the real eye of the bird I see daily in our cottage garden. There is lovely light on the snow too which I am delighted with.

Again I have used one of my own photographs and added a fence to it to make the composition more interesting. Snow seems to hint at a Christmas and Winter feel.

This piece will be delivered along with other new paintings to be framed tomorrow. And if you would like to see these bird paintings at Christams head to the Wey Gallery in Godalming, Surrey, UK as they will be showing this new collection of new subjects!

Details of the gallery are below. 
To purchase a bird painting please contact the gallery via this link as they will be happy to help.



Tuesday, 4 October 2016

New : Jean Haines DVDs filmed in USA!

 I have been so busy that I haven't had time to share the wonderful news that my DVDs filmed earlier this year in USA are now available to purchase or download and I am thrilled with them. The film studio was fabulous and the filming crew so professional.

This is my series of four new DVDs and each one was so much fun to create


Watercolor Animals
This DVD takes you from painting eyes as a starting point to building up a whole subject. 
A favourite!

 Watercolor Flowers
Who doesn't enjoy painting flowers? A fabulous new DVD just on painting one of my favourite subjects!

 Watercolor Workout
If you can't get to one of my workshops please buy this DVD and work through all my favourite workshop warm up exercises. No stress painting that will improve your skill and techniques while working in watercolour in a fun ,easy to understand, approachable way of learning and improving.

 Watercolor Mindfulness
This DVD goes with my latest book " Paint Yourself Calm". This film shows you how to relax whilst painting. It also makes you think about what you are doing when creating. A lovely film. 

You can buy these films from or

They are also available to download! 

I loved creating them and sharing my favourite ways to work in watercolour and I hope you like them too!

Happy painting.