Monday, 8 February 2016

Venice in Watercolour 2016

 Venice on my Easel
A work in progress

 Having shared the small study of my idea recently to paint a scene from Venice I thought I would share the stages of the larger painting. Someone mentioned on my Jean Haines Watercolour Facebook page that this looked difficult. To be honest at first it might be but once you get used to working in my style you can adapt it to any subject at all. Including landscapes and architecture.

Stage 1. A Wash
For paintings of this kind I always start with a soft atmospheric wash. I choose colours that will help my finished painting sing with life. So they may not be exactly true to what I see, more likely they will be glowing colours that add to the beauty of my vision.

There is no preliminary sketch. Just my placing colour where I feel it works best for detail to be added to at a later stage.

 First soft wash.

Stage 2. Finding a Starting Point
 I need to find a starting point. You can easily imagine where this might be when it comes to painting animals.With them you might start with the eye or nose. But with buildings I usually find a section in the composition that appeals to me and work from there.

This is a complex scene so I have painted a few lines to give me a great base to work from and to give consistency to the piece in form.

 Lines added and hints of statues and windows.

Stage 3. Adding block of colour 

Next I add shapes.  Simple beautiful and odd shaped shapes! These will act as the base for my more intricate detail to be added as the painting develops.

 Adding painted shapes.

Stage 4 Adding Intricate Detail 

Now I take my time. I don't want to add too much detail, I don't want to add too little. I paint half a door, half a window, maybe all a statue in places only to be softened with water to create atmosphere.
This is all about personal taste. To some viewers the painting is complete long before this point. To others this needs far more information to be complete. The most important point is that I loved painting it and may continue to add tiny brushwork over the next few days.

Its' full of atmosphere at the moment. Time will tell when it is finished and I listen to my artwork. believe it or not it always tells me what to do next or when to stop. This isn't saying stop just yet!
 Or is it?

 Venice on my easel
A work in progress


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Sunday, 7 February 2016

"I'm Alright Jack" Jack Russell Terrier in WAtercolour

"I'm Alright Jack"
Jack Russell Terrier in Watercolour

I have never known a miserable Jack Russell.  Our neighbour has two and the carer for the venue where I teach my watercolour courses in UK has two. As dogs they are bundles of energy and full of life. I love the sparkle in their eyes and the way they are constantly looking for something exciting to do.

I don't think I could manage owning one as I feel they need extra long walks than I can't offer but I absolutely adore them.

I have a painting of one in my mind but at the moment have no resource image to work from so I think I may have to make it up. But the resource image for the above photo, although artistically changed from the original was kindly forwarded to me by a friend on Facebook when I mentioned what I was looking for. In fact by mentioning I am looking for interesting images of dogs I was instantly and fabulously inundated with wonderful photographs so I think I may have dog models for a long time ahead of me. Beautiful ones.

Now I am really back in my studio and loving painting non stop. Experimenting for my new exhibition collection and this years workshops. I know everyone coming on my courses this year will have a really fantastic time as I am totally on a high. So be warned if you have managed to book a place. We are going to have fun!!


UK and USA workshops 2016

Please don't be put off by my fully booked workshops. There are often unexpected cancellations due to life's hiccups and sometimes even from a waiting list you can still get a place. So please email me on . 

There are a few places in Lake Tahoe, October 2016 and a new UK workshop literally has just opened.


Daffodils in Watercolour 2016

Daffodil Dance
Daffodils coming to life in stunning vibrant yellow shades. 

I have decided nothing beats the feeling of working with simple Cadmium Yellow.  I can experiment all I like with every single new shade of yellow under the sun by a large number of watercolour manufacturers but when it comes to painting daffodils Cadmium Yellow seems to be the reigning champion for me.

Its' bold, strong and says exactly what I want to say by my just creating abstract shapes which can be added to with green foliage and hints of orangein places for extra warmth.

Now is the time to paint Spring flowers in UK and I am having a blast!

I started this morning going through my treasure chest of watercolour tubes. Many given to me on my travels. I am having a Spring clean in my studio and it feels wonderful. So over the next few blog posts there may be some old favourites and some new colours being mentioned.

Watch this space!



Saturday, 6 February 2016

Venice in Watercolour 2016

Study in Light

It is impossible not to love painting Venice, especially when you work in watercolour as I do. 
This afternoon the weather is so awful here in UK that I needed to paint something light and with a feeling of strong sunlight. The opportunity to escape via the stroke of a brush is a magical feeling that I wish everyone possessed.

The above study was sheer joy to create. I have worked mainly in turquoise and gold with hints of violet. Using water far more than pigment gives the study an atmospheric ethereal appearance.

Now to paint a larger piece which I will enjoy, not race.

My solo exhibition " A Brush with a Woman" will be including a variety of subjects and this may be one of them.

I feel so happy when I am painting. As if I fall into another world. One full of beauty which tends to flow into the way I see life.



Friday, 5 February 2016

A Brush with a Woman : Solo Exhibition 2016 and Exclusive Watercolour Workshop

 "Just Resting"
Bearded Collie in Watercolour
from 23rd September 2016
Private View: FRIDAY 23rd from 6.00pm - 8.30pm
An exciting solo exhibition showcasing original watercolours by Jean Haines. This fabulous new collection includes well loved favourite subjects such as wildlife, pets, horse racing, florals and many surprises. As always with Jean's exhibitions early viewng by collectors is advised to avoid disappointment. 

To be held at
 Windrush House, 
Nr Burford, 
OX18 4TU
Tel No. 01451 844425
Exclusive Watercolour Workshop 
at Windrush Gallery on  
10am - 4.00pm. 
( Maximum 10 course members )
Including lunch in the dining room. The day concludes with home-made cake and tea at 4.00.
Course Price: £115
 A workshop for a small group to add to the more personal approach of Jeans' unique teaching style. This will be a day to remember so please book early to ensure a place!
 Tel No. 01451 844425

Charity Coffee Morning and Artist's Talk 
on Saturday 24th September 2016
11.00 am
in Windrush Village Hall
A look into Jeans' incredible art career,  inspirational artwork, a more personal look behind the journey and an insight into how painting can enrich our lives. 


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Bearded Collie in Watercolour

 Bearded Collie in Watercolour 
( Copyright Strictly Jean Haines )

I'm working on a new collection for an exhibition later this year and as my mind is set on painting animals in watercolour for my new films this month I couldn't resist painting my own dog Bailey this afternoon.

This is a work in progress but it is nearly complete. 

This painting is such a joy to work on because I am painting my own pet, knowing his character and his poses. I love how his one eye is open watching me when I took the original photo. He was half asleep but at the same time didn't want to miss out on anything that might be about to happen.

I will have some beautiful new work available later this year for a solo show. 

For now I will keep painting happily and sharing. I always paint at my best when I am happy and right now I am ecstatically happy!


Please note: If I add these words after a painting it means the piece is from an exhibition collection and not for copying

( Copyright Strictly Jean Haines )

"Together" Elephants in Watercolour 2016

Elephants in watercolour
Copyright Jean Haines

I am currently working on a programme for four new films which will be released later this year. One is solely about how to paint animals in watercolour and will include dynamic techniques to bring animals to life via brushwork and interesting colour combinations.

I adore painting animals. I always have ever since I was a small child. As much as I love painting pets I must confess when I begin to paint widlife my heart leaps into another direction altogether as I feel for the plight of so many in this world. Who would have thought that in 2016 there would still be outdated fox hunting in UK for example, where people dress up in period costume to enjoy a day terrorising an animal which at the end of a horrific chase to exhaustion gets killed by a pack of hounds. 

How can we as a country condemn others acts of slaughter in the world when we allow this on our own doorstep? I hate hearing about poaching of elephants. I hate how their tusks are seen as a valued  treasure worh killing for.. I hate how animals parts are used for old fashioned beliefs such as their having medicinal qualities.

Who would have thought that so many acts of cruelty by now wouldn't have been a thing of the past?

Who would have thought that some humans still know no better?

So my wildlife paintings are truly emotional in that my love for them pours into each brushstroke.

Back to painting for me!