Friday, 4 September 2015

World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015 : Floral Paintings

 "Summer Blessing"
Size 74 x 62 cms.

World of Watercolour Exhibition
Frame Gallery, Odiham , Hampshire UK

Opening September 11th, 2015

Continuing to share paintings from my book "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" that form part of my watercolour collection in my World of Watercolour exhibition that opens next week. 
Here are the floral paintings from the solo show.

Last year I sat in my garden painting hydrangea and a swan who often follows me , seen below, came to watch as I worked.  The day was so beautiful and the sunshine literally flowed into my painting which can be found on pages 158-159 of my new book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour".

 One of my art critics, a swan in my garden.

The painting is a favourite of mine and looks wonderful in my own cottage. Which is where it may stay if it isn't sold as my heart fell in love when painting and I am hoping if it does sell someone who adores flowers will become the new owner. It is very hard letting favourite paintings go.  But I do only have so much wall space, sadly.

Heavenly Hydrangea
Framed size : 63  x 75 cms

The close up detail of this  painting is magical in that it almost has a 3D effect. I worked it a little further after I completed writing my book with the intention of keeping it. But I have had so many requests from people who adore floral paintings which is why I decided to place it in my exhibition. As floral work goes, I think this is one of my best as the mood of summer is captured within the piece. 

  Heavenly Hydrangea close up.
 Gorgeous colours flowing into each section, mingling and producing stunning patterns and petal shapes.

 Next to the real hydrangea flowers as I painted in my garden in summer.

 The painting process. 
Finding the outer shape then adding detail as I gradually built up the painting.


On pages 40 - 41 of Jean Haines World of Watercolour I demonstrate how to paint sweet pea. The stunning painting below is on page 15  and it shows my favourite flowers in soft glowing pinks hit by sunshine. This painting is also in my exhibition. The frame is  wonderful and the flowers are floating forward within it looking splendid, attractive and desirable. You can almost smell the sweet perfume when you look at this piece which is what I intended when painting it.

Sweet Pea Sensation
Size 55 x 31 cms


 "Summer Blessing"
Size 74 x 62 cms.
 (Also available as a print )

I adore painting roses. Everyone knows that I do. I started years ago when I lived in France, inspired by the incredible watercolours of Blanche Odin.  But this painting is a combination of Asian brushwork, composition and also my western style of painting florals. It is light as a Summer day and flows  across the paper carrying with it a sense of beauty and love.

I am a romantic. Ideally I would love this painting to be purchased by someone to be given to someone they love. I know as artists we can't choose buyers. But that would be my greatest wish.

"Summer Blessing" is on page 17  Of my new book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour".


 To close my floral collection in the show is the geranium which can be found in the opening contents page. Titled " Red is for Love" . And my heart is full of love because I love and I am loved. This painting reminds me of my time living in France. I used to visit local markets regularly and loved seeing all the bright red geraniums adorning French homes. Such beautiful flowers, rich in colour and so wonderful to enjoy just sat looking at them.

"Red is For Love"
 Size 58 x 50 cms.
Price £595 

This time next week my exhibition will be  all ready for viewing at the gallery. And the preview will take place on the Friday evening of 11th September. I will have a mixed reaction in this show because  months of hard work and writing will be on display as the art work is so  integral to how "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" the book came about. In this publication are favourite subjects and stories of my art life that are so very personal.

 I will be feeling very emotional seeing all these paintings on display for the very first time and in one gallery. I already know that after this event paintings will disappear as two have already been reserved so it is my only chance to see the collection in one setting. And yours!  So please join me if you are free because instead of a Private Preview this  opening is genuinely open to all. So you are welcome to join me with or without an invitation. Do come and say hello to me as well if you come. Often I am told after events that visitors didn't like to come up and speak to the exhibiting artist in case they were too busy. I never am and I want to meet everyone who takes time to attend. And answer any questions on my work or queries about my paintings. Or simply just enjoy the show with you.

More to follow as I close these blog posts about next weeks show but do contact the gallery if you like any of the paintings shown so far. By the way the prices are deliberately reasonable. This show is about paintings going to owners who really want them which is the most important thing for me about letting them go. I have been advised that some of the larger paintings should be on sale at well over a £1000 because they are original and from a best selling book. But I want my art to be enjoyed so I am taking the opportunity to share my passion for painting and my art in a way that I feel is right. Writing and painting has given me so much pleasure over the years. I want to share that joy even further. This will definitely be a one off and unique show.


All art can be reserved via contacting the Frame Gallery.