Thursday, 31 January 2019

Health and workshop update

Colour Blast 2019

USA 2019 Spring Tour Cancelled

Ironically my last blog post was titled " We can't always have what we want" and now I can't. Because right now I should be judging the New England Art Society exhibition in Boston followed by workshops there and further courses in two California locations including the California Watercolor Association.  But sadly I have had to cancel everything on this trip due to health hiccups. 

I am so sorry to disappoint everyone who had booked my courses but my health took a serious and completely unexpected turn.  I am seeing specialists. To say I am heart broken is an understatement as I have to date never had to cancel any of my courses apart from when I famously broke my ankle whilst teaching in Australia. There I tried to persuade the surgeon that if he patched me up I only had two days teaching to go after which I would happily return to the hospital and  have the obviously needed operation. Even then, with my determination strongly working I did teach the next courses which were in UK albeit in a wheel chair with my foot elevated, rather than let anyone down. To date I have never let anyone down if I can help it.

Now the situation is out of my hands and I must follow advise.

As my family and friends keep telling me  "Health has to come first" which is hard for me as my artists on my workshops have always come first in my career. Their pleasure, enjoyment and happiness is always all that has mattered to me and it is why I love teaching so much.

It should be a few months before I can make future plans.

For now I am resting, following doctors orders and painting quietly in my studio.

This is not how I saw 2019 starting. But hopefully the rest of the year is going to be brilliant.

I have been in touch with all the workshop hosts and locations. But to everyone who has missed out on this trip I really am so very sorry. Believe me, if I could have come I would have!


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