Wednesday, 2 January 2019

We can't see love but we all know it exists.

You can see this only if you believe 

Maybe you will need tissues to read my blog today. It isn't my usual sort of post but it is one my heart wants me to share.

Yesterday was New Years Day and every year we visit friends who invite us for a wonderful meal to celebrate. But this year was special. And happy. Because this time last year our host discovered shortly after our 2018 celebration that he had Cancer. The last twelve months have been a battle for him yet he has inspired us all by his positive and extremely brave attitude.  He has the most wonderful loving family and many friends , like us,who adore him. Because he is "one of those guys" who touches your heart, makes you laugh and listens if you need a friend to lean on. We were all so very worried for him and his family last year. But while I was on tour in USA last December John and I received the best message of all, Our friend has won the battle.  And so this New Years Day saw our host raise a glass to give very touching thanks all his friends and family for their love and support through such a difficult time.

Sadly though, yesterday was a day for tears as well because we learnt that another dear friend we know had lost his battle. He passed away on New Years Eve. My heart aches. It was really emotional when our friend yesterday added to his toast in honour of our friend who will be really sorely missed. My eyes leaked as they do. It was too hard to hold back the tears.

I came home thinking how I awoke yesterday morning celebrating how wonderful it was to be with my soul mate, best friend and husband John. We have yet another full year ahead of us to share even more wonderful times together. But as happy as I was then we heard the sad news of our friends passing.

New Years Day 2019.

I came into my studio today and looked at my unicorn painting from yesterday and before I could stop myself I added to it. They say you can only see unicorns if you believe in them. But you know, it has to be said. Just because you can't see anything it doesn't mean its ,not there. You can't see love for example but we all know it exists.
I would like to think that our friend is there still but out of sight. His love for his wonderful wife will still exist even if he is out of view. As if he is in another room. 

And then my mind raced thinking of all my dear friends who will understand and relate to this blog post.

If you are missing a loved one. I hope you can think of them as being in another room still loving you and aware of you.

Because they could be watching over you.

Show them how happy you are if you can. Make them as proud of you when you can't see them as if you could.

Oh yes, we can say unicorns don't exist but magic does.

And love is pretty magical.

Huge hugs to all who need them today and I will be sharing more on my blog soon. Colourful happy posts. I promise.



Agnes McLaughlin said...

This post is very special as you are describing so well the different aspects of grieving. Thank you for sharing such a touching thought on how to cope with loss and above all how to believe in life. Take great care of yourself Jean and keep bringing joy and inspiration to us all through your art and soul! Xxxx

Belinda Ackerman said...

That you for this beautiful blog. I am crying now as I had been reading it. My mother passed with cancer and recently my sister had one lung removed Because of cancer and later was given all clear only a few months later to die of a car accident. It has been really hard for me to get over even though it has been many years my moms passed, my sister was more recent. You are my favorite artist and I love painting and recently started watercoloring. Got some of your books and hoping to be good one day. I do oil and pastels. Going to try flowers and such this year. I love your enthusiasm when you are talking of your painting. May all your days be loving and full of your wonderful painting.
Belinda Ackerman