Friday, 11 January 2019

Paint Yourself Positive : Pure Gold

"Pure Gold"
Piece inspired by a favourite demonstration in my new book "Paint Yourself Positive" 

Amazing.  Life is simply amazing. We have so much power individually and yet we rarely appreciate it. The power to be happy. To be fitter. To be wiser. To be kinder. To simply be.

Its' not a secret. I have been working on a new book which will be launched later this year and I am not exaggerating by saying it has changed my life. For the better. As I wrote each chapter I thought long and hard how I could improve my own life, routine and attitude by painting myself positive. And oh boy have I changed. In so many ways. Its' refreshing to feel so rejuvenated. I feel so alive and it is fantastic!

This time last year I was preparing to leave my home for my early 2018 tour. I was a little overweight as we so often are after the Christmas season. I was definitely less fit as I no longer walk a dog daily. And my routine as gorgeous as it was saw me painting for hours in my studio especially in winter, writing and fitting my social life around my work. Family always have and always will come first. As they should.  But me? I was at the bottom of my own list in priorities.

We have been trained , or at least I have, to put others first. Always. In every single way. And I love doing so. I adore making others happy. I always have since I was little. I think that's why I enjoy sharing my art techniques so much because I know I am in such a great mood when I am creating and I want others to feel this way too. But seriously I have never really given a lot of time or thought to "me". And I know many of my friends who will instantly say " I know just what you mean".

My family, art, home and garden come first. There was always something far more important or urgent to do than " me" time. That is, other than painting.

There is a chapter in my new book about trying new things. In my book I mean new colours or techniques. But new " anything" can be such a boost to the soul. Last year saw me taking up new activities. Yoga, Pilate's and Zumba. Okay, perhaps taking them ALL up in one go was a little over enthusiastic but this year I am looking ahead to a new year feeling much fitter, more alive, more excited than ever before and I am raring to go in my studio.

I am making time for everything so that when  I look back at this year I can say honestly, wow what a ride! My art will be the best ever. And my goal is to inspire everyone around me who paints to say the same thing. No dull compositions, no boring repetitive work. New colours, new texture. I'm going for gold!

When I am not painting my goal is to enrich my life in so many ways. health, interests and seeing as many friends as possible because life is far too short.

This is where I have a confession to anyone who doesn't know. I had a health blip/scare last year and I am happily fine now. But it was a wake up call. And perhaps I needed it! 

But back to my art.

I have so many new products, samples , techniques and ideas to share and I have no idea where to start in telling everyone about them. My book "Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour" woke up a dormant side of me regarding experimenting.  Like the fish in my painting, I am swimming towards a fabulous direction in life. One that will be really appealing on so many levels. I want adventure in colour, creativity and excitement each time I pick up my brushes.

That is a strong positive.

I am going to paint myself positive all year, and for years after that.

My new book is already available to pre order on

But for now, those last chapters in my last book, on painting flowers led me to incredible abstract ideas with new products and I'm eager to get back to using them.So for now I will admit I have many blog posts to follow so please bear with me.

2019 is going to be the best year yet.

Artists Challenge.

As my new book isn't out yet how about getting started with your own positive challenges to yourself for this year

A few questions

1) When was the last time you did something completely new? Not just art related. Think about it and then decide, when will you next be doing something that may be slightly out of your comfort zone
( I'm telling you, walking into an advanced yoga class with almost everyone practically balancing on one finger is possibly my most embarrassing moment to date. But you should see me now ! )

2) When was the last time you bought new watercolour shades? If not recently, why not?

3) Art wise, when was the last time you painted a completely new subject or tried a new technique?

Now set yourself three challenges to complete by the end of this year. Make one easy and one not so easy and make one something you would love to do but have never managed to.

( By the way, I haven't got bungee jumping from my list. I have decided I don't think its quite " me" )

Have a great 2019!

It is up to you if its going to be a great year or not.

You have the power.




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