Sunday, 13 January 2019

Blissful Sunday

Double Trouble

Sunday is my day of pure relaxation but I am often found in my studio still on the weekends as I simply love painting. With my next new book complete I can begin to think about other projects that are waiting to be completed. Right now I am working daily with USA on a fabulous new venture, details of which will be released soon. But I race to my computer each morning to begin photography sessions and then I send the images that are needed to complete this next entrance to 2019 as part of my art adventure. Its' exciting.  This means by the end of January I will have completed two exciting projects and I have many more to look forward to.

I'm staying with painting fish at the moment because I see mine each day, coming up to be fed regardless of the cold weather.

I am using a variety of colours in this collection but anyone who has been on last my years' workshops should instantly recognise my favourite shade Daniel Smith, Aussie Red Gold, coming into play on each goldfish. Its' such a great colour. I can use it almost in its' neat form for strong bold colour placement or use it heavily diluted with water to gain a more translucent appearance. Perfect for painting fish submerged under water

Close up of a section of Pure Gold


Life is golden. Living life with a positive attitude is a blessing. Instead of seeing grey days of winter I see time to recharge my batteries and we all need that luxury from time to time.  So instead of racing around I'm actually tackling one project at a time instead of zillions and loving every second.


Artists challenge?

Relax and simply think about what you would like to paint when you next pick up your brushes.
Think about a subject that really turns you on, one that you are desperately eager to paint and imagine what colours you would use to create it.
But now for the hard part.

You can't paint it physically today!

Paint it in your head several times swapping colours and the composition around as much as possible.

When you pick up your brushes next, paint the one that pleased you most.

I have already done that.
And I can't wait for tomorrow to come!

Plan to keep your energy levels and enthusiasm as high as possible this year to make your creative time feel brilliant yet alone achieved in your results.


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