Saturday, 12 January 2019

Green With Envy!

Green Envy
Colour fun  using my favourite Daniel Smith green shades

In winter with so little colour around it's easier to see and enjoy the variety of green shades in the evergreen plants and trees that show off so well at this time of year.

Just going for a walk is magical as I take time to study each green shade I see. Has it a blue hue? Are there brownish tints on the leaves, if so where? If I was to paint a certain plant, like ivy or holly for example, which green shade would I use? There are so many to choose from and it is fun deciding which would be best in colour matching exercises.

I loved writing the winter section in my latest book " Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour" as it made me really see clearly how gorgeous winter can be.

Having said that I have always been fascinated with colour but I have often wondered where the saying " Green with envy" comes from. Or the description" Green Eyed Monster"  . I have green eyes but I hope I'm not or ever have been a monster!  I first started reading up about colour years ago. Its' rather neat to understand where sayings and ideas relating to my favourite shades originated from.

Ancient Greeks believed that if you were pale you could be seen as being ill, complexions would be a clue as to what ailed a patient. Lack of a healthy colour indicated illness possibly connected to bile  problems, giving skin have a slight greenish hue.  This is certainly how I have felt in the past when I used to suffer from sea sickness. I always felt my skin had turned green.

From this belief green became linked to illness, it was also thought that jealousy could cause problems with over production of bile. Hence jealousy caused the green appearance of the skin and the saying " Green with envy" now makes sense. Sort of!

Fascinating isn't it?

However, while there is beautiful weather I'm off for yet another walk to see how many green shades and ideas I can come up with before the day is out.

Have fun seeing green!

Artists challenge

How about discovering one new green shade before January is over. It has to be a green shade you have never used before.  I would love to hear what you find if you would like to share your discovery in a reply!


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