Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Seeing the Light , Paint Yourself Positive. I am back!

"Seeing the Light"
From my new book "Paint Yourself Positive" which will be out in May 2019
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Watch out for the limited edition hardback copy. 

Well that wasn't the way I expected to start 2019 but here I am at last back writing on my blog and now I feel as though I will never catch up as I have so much to share but I have not been able to get on my blog until today. 

Firstly. My Health. I am now only seeing one specialist, the cardiologist and I have been wearing a monitor that is directly linked to the hospital in case of any more " hiccups". I'm glad to say there has only been a small blip and so far I feel much better. I am completely rested because we went to St Lucia for a two week break , my specialist thought it would be a good move for me to rest in the sun and I feel brilliant again.  But not quite up to teaching just yet. Small steps! 

Now I must say the biggest thank you to everyone who has been so kind writing to me and replying here, concerned about me and how I am doing. You really made such a huge difference to me. Hearing everyone telling me to take it easy helped so much. I genuinely was so heartbroken to have had to cancel my tour and that added stress on top of my feeling unwell. I seriously hate letting anyone down.

I have been sensible and cleared my tour diary for this year. I think its' wiser to get better to a point of being 100% well enough to give my all when I teach, as I always do. I can't give workshops that are not 100% full of energising tips ans ideas. Its impossible for me to do anything by half measures and I have a very high teaching standard ethos that I love working to. So I will work on a schedule for 2020 that is really special full of new colours, techniques and ways to be inspired by working in watercolour. News o fthese wil be shared later this year.

The other thing that has helped me so much is reading my new book. "Paint Yourself Positive" launching this year. I had no idea when I wrote it that I would be the one needing it. I have had to think positively to get through the ups and downs of the last few months. I have had to believe that nothing serious was wrong with me and that I will be back teaching in the future. This is simply a temporary blip and it is giving me the much needed time to work on a completely new workshop programme. Don't worry, it won't be chnaged in format but it will be even better. I have thrived on hearing artists on my courses telling me they have never felt so stimulated in all their lives. Its' been so much fun that I intend to continue.

For now though?

Well I must share photos but we have two new members of our family. Bentley and Teddy, two tiny puppies who are growing every day. They are Australian labradoodles and are so good for my soul. I laugh each day watching their antics and I have no end of people asking to puppy sit if I travel That won't be for a little while but they will be in safe hands when I do.

So, now back to painting and wow how can I share with so much to choose from.

I will be back on my blog regularly from here in so please watch this space and thank you so much for waiting for me to return!

Happy painting



Caroline Ullmann said...

This is fabulous news, Jean. So thankful that you are feeling so much better and are taking the time you need to fully recover. Have fun with those pups!

laura said...

I am so glad you are starting to feel more like yourself, Jean. That's good news and best wishes for your continued recovery!
I always enjoy the wonderful colors in your paintings and how you let the paints flow! Something I wish to emulate.

Lavonne said...

I was sorry to hear that you aren’t at 100% good health. But, I’ve just read your recent update and want to say that I wish you continued good news. I took your workshop a few years ago in California and had a wonderful time. I saw you have two new, happy puppies. I hope they bring you lots of joy while you continue to focus on you. I preordered your newest book. I figured I might as well have all of them. Lol

Big hugs to you!

Veronika said...

I just came back to your blog to check out some news, Jean, and I feel very sorry for your health problems. I wish you all the best, and eventhough we all are extremely eager for your new workshops, your health and well-being is just much more important, no matter how much time it takes. There is one positive - we can all get more practice before you are ready to load us with new techniques and colours:)
Sending you a lot of positive energy to heal.