Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas Inspiration 2015 : Alice Donadu

 "The Long Walk"
By Alice Donadu

Following on my theme of sharing guest artists work on my blog leading up to Christmas and hoping to inspire others by doing so, today I am sharing a gorgeous painting and email I received from Alice. I met this wonderful lady at a demonstration I gave earlier this year in Bourton-On-The Water. Alice also later attended an exhibition of mine in Hampshire and will be on one of my workshops in 2016.  It is so wonderful how you can meet someone as a complete stranger and in a very short time know you really enjoy their company and their personality. Alice is one of these people. She is full of enthusiasm and is so generous in spirit. She is also a fabulous cook as she has brought me  extremely delicious little italian cakes each time we meet.  Now a favourite of mine!. So here is the message I recieved from Alice and I hope it inspires new artists. These words show how little faith we can have in our own talent when we first start painting and selling. I think the happiness felt by Alice is so infectious.  It makes me feel happy and I hope it makes you feel happy too. 

Dreams can come true and so can our goals. I hope you like reading this and thank you to Alice for sharing your story.


I am sending this mail cause I think I owe you a big thank you.

Three days ago I've been contacted on instagram by one of my shop customers. She asked me if I could sell her one of my paintings called "the long walk".

I thought she was just giving me some encouragement as she has always been very supportive but then she contacted me again, privately.  I had no words. I couldn't believe someone wanted to pay money for my art.

Please believe me.

I couldn't think she was serious.

She came to the shop where I told her she could see my painting for real and she looked at it and said "it's beautiful".

My first painting sold. All because of you Mrs Haines. Because one year for Easter me and my boyfriend decided to go to Bournemouth and I decided to go and see a bookstore and I found your book and I fell in love with you and your way to see things. I wanted to share this emotion with you cause my happiness is all because of you.

"The long walk"started its journey to another house and it's so symbolic that it is a painting about a journey that has been sold first I cannot express my shock in words.

Thanks Mrs Haines! 

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Lenka Zaťková said...

I met Alice in London. She is a wonderful friend and she is really passionate about painting, I wish her success!