Wednesday, 13 July 2016

UK Workshops 2017 : NEWS

"Summer Whites"
Phlox  flowers, painted in my cottage garden 


I need to make an announcement that my schedule for 2017 is going to vary from previous years as I will not be holding any one day watercolour workshops in UK next year.

I will be working on a project which means I will need personal time to paint, rather than hold the regular one day courses that I have loved until now. These take so much of my personal time in administration. background preparation, setting up and the actual teaching of courses themselves.

What I have decided to do instead is host fabulous annual art events. Giving my all into each. These will be more personal with, weather permitting in Summer a visit to my cottage garden  and home as part of the event.

However for now there will be no workshop waiting lists. I will advertise the events on my blog and accept bookings on a first come, first serve basis.

This is a big change to my teaching routine. But much needed as I am finding my own time for painting is disappearing to such an extent that it isn't where I wish to be as an artist right now.

To everyone who has attended my workshops in UK you will have witnessed the energy and love I put into each one. Thank you so much for attending. The memories have been incredible and friends made for life  so amazing.

This is not a permanent break. But a year off to work on an exciting project that I have been offered and am very eager to do . One which will benefit everyone who loves watercolours!

For anyone who has missed my UK workshops or who would like to return please read my previous blog post about a few cancellations that have arisen for my upcoming 2016 workshops. There are a few places this year so jump in if you can and take one while they are available!

Happy painting !


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