Saturday, 13 April 2013

Australia Workshops 2013: Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree

Preparing for my workshop in Australia

Next weekend I will be taking my first workshop in Australia and as I pack my art equipment for the trip I can't resist working on a Kookaburra from a demonstration at one of my workshops here in UK last week.  I have strengthened colour in areas that I love and am gradually working around the subject  building atmosphere in the background.

My blog will probably fall quiet while I am travelling but I will have so much to share on my return home!


I have recieved many requests for further workshops in Australia as this one was fully booked, so I will be looking at the possibility of returning in 2015.


José María Souza Costa said...

Invito - italiano
Io sono brasiliano.
Dedicato alla lettura di qui, e visitare il suo blog.
ho anche uno, soltanto molto più semplice.
'm vi invita a farmi visita, e, se possibile seguire insieme per loro e con loro. Mi è sempre piaciuto scrivere, esporre e condividere le mie idee con le persone, a prescindere dalla classe sociale, credo religioso, l'orientamento sessuale, o, di Razza.
Per me, ciò che il nostro interesse è lo scambio di idee, e, pensieri.
'm lì nel mio Grullo spazio, in attesa per voi.
E sto già seguendo il tuo blog.
Forza, pace, amicizia e felicità
Per te, un abbraccio dal Brasile.

aariho said...

I visited Australia in January, and discovered a beautiful bird in the garden where I was staying. It was a cookaburra. It came every morning and was eating from the hand of my cousin. I love your painting of it! Åslaug

Mrs A said...

I'm very glad you are thinking of a return trip to Australia...hopefully Melbourne included! I live in country Victoria and was thrilled to collect from our mailbox this morning your latest book, it is so exciting to read and see your coliour and freedom in your paint! So a very big thankyou for publishing this book, Mrs A

Linda said...

This is beautiful.