Thursday, 4 April 2013

Watercolour Workshops 2013 Flowers

"Butterfly in Sunlight"

Today was yet another fantastic workshop of the week. This time the theme was painting flowers in watercolour. There were so many demonstrations and subjects throughout the whole day that choosing a favourite to share on my blog will be difficult. Even so this little butterfly sitting on a flower in sunlight made me smile. It is amazing how the simplest of subjecst can carry so much beauty.

The room was full of enthusiasm and some brilliant paintings evolved throughout the day. I loved how seeing  artists have "light bulb" moments as techniques "clicked" while they worked. I have decided I must be one of the luckiest people alive to be able to share my passion for working in watercolour with people who are as passionate as I am, from all over the world.

Tomorrow I hold the last of my workshops in UK this week. It's called "Opening Doors" and is a special session for people who are totally new to my workshops. I have found that artists love coming back each year to my watercolour sessions. Which makes it incredibly difficult for new artists who have just found me to even get a place on my workshops. So tomorrow is one of the special days set aside, especially for  those who have not been to me before. Its' going to be another great day!

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Art by Rachel said...

My two days with your workshops just flew by. I really enjoyed every minute and especially the lots and lots of demos. Now really fired up on the painting front! Enjoy today's .......I wish I was there!