Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Song For Spring : Daffodils in Watercolour

"Song For Spring"
A medley of Spring flowers in watercolour

I have a gorgeous collection of Spring flowers developing on my easel and in my studio. I am taking my time on each favourite wash, gradually adding tiny detail to make each sing just that little bit more. But there comes a point in any painting, when you love it so much that you simply do not want to put your brushes down. As happened with the above painting. I could go on with this. I could put a row of  blue muscari along the front of the lower part of the painting . But I know in my heart this is finished. Painting is like singing. Once the song has been sung you can start singing a new one or repeat what you have just sung, starting from the beginning allover again. I am going to sing a new song now. But I have entitled this piece " Song For Spring" as my heart felt like singing whilst I painted it.

I may change the lyrics in my next song though! 


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