Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spring Workshops : UK 2014 Lamb in Watercolour

 Spring Lamb
Watercolour Demonstration 2014

What a fantastic week it has been. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to check this is really my life, as at times it certainly is so magical. I have had one day watercolour workshops all week ending with a two day course called "Fur and Feathers" on Thursday and Friday. Showing how to paint animals and birds. The weeks workshops were wonderful with artists attending from UK, USA, Australia and France. I was really impressed by the two artists  that were so determined to attend one of my workshops that they drove  to Hampshire from Scotland. And I am now hoping to hold a workshop in Scotland in the future some time, as they really did tempt me well!

I meet the most incredible people on my art courses and feel so privileged to do so. Each day has seen enthusiasm, concentration, laughter and many beautiful watercolours. It has been terrific receiving feedback from everyone who enjoyed the way I teach sharing my passion for watercolour. I am delighted that everyone is eager to return as soon as possible! 2015 UK Workshop dates will be released in October this year.

With teaching experience I do put a lot into each course I run. But for now , thank you so much to everyone who came to my workshops this week. I enjoyed them as much as you!

To the artists who attended my "Fur and Feathers" workshop, I hope the visit to the farm has given you as many ideas for new paintings and colour combinaions as the workshops did. I am still looking through all my images which will keep me painting for months to come!

Me holding a lamb at the farm after Thursdays Watercolour "Fur and Feathers" workshop.
I incorporate visits or animals in the class to aim at looking at colours in real life which really helps when painting following demonstrations.

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