Saturday, 5 January 2013

Wonderful Year

Elephant coming to life in Watercolour

This may sound crazy but I knew this was going to be a great painting day as soon as I woke. I had made my mind up yesterday, to take a break and stay out of my studio today but the urge was far too great .  Which is why I  found myself  facing a gorgeous blank piece of paper  on my easel as the temptation to paint was too huge to resist. 

But in one way I did take a break as I strayed from my new collection, chose smooth paper which I usually don't wotk with and selected colours that were slightly different for my normal palette. As my brush worked its magic an elephant soon started to  not only appear on my paper but also turn to look at me. At one point I even thought it was winking!

Maybe I do need that break after all but this was such a peaceful and beautiful painting to create. The colours glowed and intereacted perfectly and I really could feel this majestic creature come to life under my brush.

Days like this are magical!

Have a brilliant year ahead. Paint as if there is no tomorrow, follow your urges to create when the mood hits you!


Sergio DS said...

It said elephant give luck.

I wish you a happy year!

urdu master said...

Wow... Very Nice.....