Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Primrose Madness or Spring Fever

Primrose Seduction
Work in progress

It happens. When a subject gets  completely into my mind I can't stop painting it! I have had such a glorious studio day working on paintings for my solo exhibition. At the close of day I added to my current watercolour of a cluster of primroses which I have been sharing on my blog. Because that looked so lovely I decided to start a new piece so that tomorrow I can look forward to something new to work on. This way of working stops me racing to finish the existing beautiful almost finsihed painting of primroses.

As I worked on my new wash, I thought about Spring and how each year, I love planting my flower pots and garden tubs with vibrant primroses and primulas from the garden centres. When I buy them I see  rows and rows of glorious colours, so I  started painting from my imagination all the plants I would like to buy. I saw pink, purple, white and yellow primulas in my mind so my wild flowers flew out of the window as this gorgeous long composition started taking shape. Its' full of light and life and I can't wait for tomorrow to arrive so I can add to this piece too!

What a wonderful way to live. Loving life and painting.


Anonymous said...

I've just been talking to a friend about the joy of art and the love and the not being able to stop creating. My husband has to force me to stop in order to eat!

Anonymous said...

Loving your primrose posts! Every year I paint primroses at this time of year and only yesterday a pot of primula winked at me in the garden centre. Your colours stuck in my head and here's the result if you fancy a look: http://lizintheshed.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/primroses-a-hint-of-spring/ Thank you for the inspiration!