Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Online Sale : Special Offers

Life seems to be getting busier and busier. And this is a time in their careers when most artists would add to their stock, rather than stop selling online. But, I suppose I have never actually been following a trend when it comes to selling! 

I have become far too busy to run an online shop and as the last twelve months have seen an increase in sales, time spent on this part of my art life is detracting from my own painting time.

For this reason, as a one off only situation, there are special offers on all of my watercolour items for sale on my web site. 

I'm afraid once this especially priced stock has sold I will be closing my online web page. Instead, will be replacing the sales page  with details on where products can be purchased.

If you would like a bargain, or would like to buy my books, brushes or DVDs as gifts for artist friends for Christmas, please do jump in early whilst  items are available. 

You can see the bargain prices via this link.

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