Saturday, 6 December 2014

Australia Workshop Tour 2014

I'm in  love with these wonderful animals!

I am home from a fabulous tour of Australia where I taught workshops and signed books in four main locations. It was a superb tour and I met many fantastic people along the path of each trips' eventful destinations. Many touched my heart in the most unexpected of ways and I am right now working through many fabulous emails from my new Australian friends.

Where do I start to write about it? The only way I can think of is to write about each individual location in seperate blog posts which I intend to start next week.

For now I wish to thank everyone who hosted, organised so beautifully and attended my workshops and talks. I am so lucky to meet such incredible artists and art societies.

The Lady Franklin Gallery in Hobart where I taught my first workshop in Tasmania.
This is to be followed by a wonderful blog post about the kindness I recieved there along with the many glorious artists I met.

 I have so much to share in the way of inspiration and even new colour combinations which will keep me painting happily for some time to come.

For now though, I am very tired after the flight home so I will chill this weekend and start adding to my blog from Monday. Im so sorry its been silent here for so long but the people I was with appreciated my spending all my time with them offline whilst travelling. 

Now I will return to my UK art life!

Roos' chilling as roos' do!


I have been inundated with  amazing emails  from everyone I met on my travels on tour and I will reply personally, as soon as time allows. So please don't think I have forgotten you!

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