Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Snowdrops in Watercolour

Winter Bells

I updated the gallery on my web site for Winter flowers this morning. I have been so busy that my web site has suffered! I'm now looking at a year ahead when I hopefully can keep it more up to date.

The above painting was my design selection for my personal Christmas cards this year. And the feedback I received from everyone who was sent a card was so wonderful. Its' lovely knowing that my cards are welcomed each year and often framed. A growing collection that obviously increases in time. Just like my circle of friends worldwide.

Here is a link to the snowdrop paintings in my online gallery


lupus said...

Magistral work, and a nice christma's felicitation, happy may be that one who has the original painting. Thanks for sharing.

Divyanka Patel said...

impressive, like your touch of art and nature. awesome