Saturday, 7 February 2015

That Time of Year

 Spring Energy

It is impossible to ignore the early Spring flowers for sale in every single florist at this time of year. I am eager for my own plants to flower in my garden but  before they do, I am already getting my brushes moving on these gorgeous subjects. By purchasing small bouquets each time I go out.

The white narcissus have long been my favourite flower to paint. Ever since a close friend turned up at my studio one year clutching a bouquet of the delicate tiny paper whites, asking me how I would paint them. Now each year I relish the thought of seeing the first displays of these flowers for sale everywhere I go. ( Thank you Helen! )

So this week my easel is adorned yet again with floral paintings. And I have a feeling this will be a daily routine until I have painted these out of my system. 

As if I could!

 Paper white narcissus on my easel from this weeks painting sessions. By not using a preliminary sketch I can allow the tiny flowers to appear in my washes as if my magic. There is life and energy in each new piece which in its  own way makes me feel more alive too!


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