Sunday, 27 March 2016

Take Five Minutes

Quick Study of Daffodils

On my workshops I am often met by artists who tell me their biggest problem is finding time to paint regularly. I find if you leave it too long between painting sessions it becomes far harder to pick up your brushes. Also if you leave long gaps between painting, the pressure on your shoulders to produce something wonderful when you do paint is greater.

My best tip to artists is to keep those brushes moving and if you haven't time to paint, then take five minutes out of your day to capture something quickly as if you are simply doodling. This keeps your mind on finding time in the future to paint properly, it improves your observation skills and your colour selection as you have to be quick to paint something in a limited time.

So when you are too busy to paint for a serious art session, take five minutes out of your busy day just to move colour on paper. 

You'll feel much better afterwards too! 


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