Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Spring Daffodil Collection 2016 : Daniel Smith

Daffodils on my easel 2016

We have wonderful sunshine today so I can see the vibrant yellow daffodils outside my studio dancing in the breeze and its' wonderful. My collection of daffodil paintings is the first thing I see each day when I walk into my studio and it makes me feel so happy. I adore Spring. Its' a time of hope. A time to feel re energised and ready for the year ahead.

I am painting these flowers for me as a way to unwind from my recent tour of USA and Canada. Whilst I adore teaching I spend every minute of each workshop ensuring every attending artist is enjoying themselves, growing in their technique and loving what they are doing. And I must confess I get so envious that I often wish to join the class to sit and paint with them too instead of teaching! My goal is to inspire on my courses but I turn on creative "buttons" so strongly that mine get turned on too, so when I eventually get back to my studio all that energy has to flow somewhere and this week it is into yellow paintings. I am putting all my yellow shades through their paces and seeing which are my favourites and have I any new ones that I have fallen in love with.

Well yes, two watercolour shades have taken over and won the race this year to be my favourite yellow shades to work with.

Azo Yellow and Hansa Yellow Light are making my painting time so enjoyable that I am even more addicted to racing to my studio. Both shades are by Daniel Smith.

So my artist tip for today is, if you have been painting with the same yellow shade for years start looking for a new one. Don't get stuck in a rut and push yourself to find something more exciting!

Life is far too short to be boring and predictable! 


Claudia Caputo said...

I love the way you paint!
You are so talented!!! Thank you, Jean!

H.D. Campbell said...

I love those two yellow shades they play nice on their own and shine mixed with blues :)