Friday, 1 April 2016

Windrush Gallery Exhibition : September 2016

 "Head to Head"
Please Note: Copyright Strictly Jean Haines

I am thrilled to be working on an absolutely stunningly fresh body of work for a solo exhibition which will open in September 2016.

This possibly will be my most exciting show yet as the ideas and techniques I am currently working with are full of vibrant energy, leading me to paintings that are full of life. Often while I am travelling on tour I feel a sense of frustration at not being able to paint when I want to. I will be travelling from location to location, unpacking and packing between hotels and then of course teaching. I put so much energy into my workshops to inspire every attending artist that I often feel envious of everyone on my courses.Because whilst I am  working so hard to inspire them I am also getting very inspired.

I returned from my USA and Canada tour almost on fire with ideas on how I wish to paint this year. I have set new goals of what I wish to achieve and I feel so motivated that its' hard to settle when a brush isn't in my hand. I am in one word, alive. 

I feel excited in a way that I haven't since I first knew I would be writing my last book. In fact "Paint Yourself Calm" as a new project was perfect for me as an author. It made me slow down. It made me think about my life and what I want to do in a way that I have neglected for so long. In fact this new book made me, for the first time in years, give myself permission to seriously make time for me, just me to create.

I actually thought that's what I was already doing. But I have often put "me" at the bottom of the list in painting time as I have always given so much to others by teaching instead.

But by giving myself quality time I am making myself a far better artist to then be able to give even more to others in future.

We all deserve quality time. But we often put ourselves last.

"Head to Head" almost represents me emerging with new energy. Facing whatever lies ahead knowing I am going to have a ball.

But back to the exhibition. I will be sharing further details on my blog but you can read more about the show on my web site.

Its' going to be fantastic, so do contact the gallery if you would like to be at the Preview. Its' going to be a very popular event and I recommend getting in quick, especially if you have a favourite subject or painting you are interested in purchasing. Or even if you would just like to come to view the show, meet me or  have your books signed.

For now I am going to get back to painting as that's where my heart lies right now! And it is very exciting!

 Close up of one rooster head. A painting within a painting.
The fine detail on the comb and wattle sadly doesn't show up too well on screen.
Please Note: Copyright Strictly Jean Haines

Close up of second rooster with feathers all ruffled. The colour effects are wonderful off screen. I can't wait to see this framed!
 Please Note: Copyright Strictly Jean Haines 


Followers of my blog will notice from time to time I add the words

"Please Note: Copyright Strictly Jean Haines "

This is because the paintings I am sharing are for an exhibition, not meant as demonstrations to be copied.  So I respectfully ask viewers of my blog not to copy these pieces please. 

But the many posts where I am not showing the above words are teaching demonstrations which I am happy to share and have copied.

Thank you!


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