Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Busy Bees 2016

 "Bee-autiful Day"
 Two bees are in this composition

I have been sat in my garden painting daffodils but became distracted by the number of bees swarming around me as I worked. It was far too easy too place my focus on them rather than the flowers in front of my easel. And so the first bees of 2016 have been added to my spring watercolours.

The bees are almost hidden so when you look closely at the painting you have a nice surprise of the added extra detail

 Bee 1. Moving so fast I had to be quick to paint it.

 Bee 2, Thoroughly enjoying the daffodils in bloom

I returned to my studio to take photographs of my work so far and one bee decided to accompany me so as I type it is buzzing merrily in the background.

I think there is no greater compliment to a flower painting than to have a bee land on it. And thats' exactly what just happened.

I will probably use the composition below, painted in my garden, for a new piece as the distractions were a little too great for me to peacefully finish this outside.

What a seriously "bee-autiful day"!

Idea for a new composition from my garden this afternoon. Two bees included!


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