Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Violets in Watercolour 2016

 Violet Posy

Last year I was given a wonderful posy of violets from my friend and amazing PA, Christine. This incredible lady handles all my UK workshop bookings for me and that in itself is quite a task. Christine and I are keen gardeners. We love plants and spend so much time in our gardens planting, weeding and planning colourful borders that thrill us both throughout the year.

I have always envied Christine's banks of violets at this time of year. Try as I might mine don't seem to take over the woodland area of our cottage garden. When Christine gave me last years posy I painted them in the tiny glass jar she gave me at the time, which I returned to her. I was thrilled at Christmas to receive my own small glass jar which made me smile. The thoughtful gesture was so touching. And it shows little things mean so much to the right person, in this case me!

 Today I visited Christine to catch up and again she gave me a posy of violets which I couldn't resist painting. The above painting was literally painted in under five minutes as the subject is so small. I loved creating it. I loved choosing the colours too.

Daniel Smith Cobalt Violet worked brilliantly. 

Now I can't wait to paint more of course!

 This afternoons very quick violet paintings. Sometimes we overwork  paintings by over thinking them. These were simply created by observing the plants and placing colour to repeat what I could see. Quickly as an interpretation rather than a botanical representation.

Below are the violets I painted previously.

Such a sweet little flower. Insignificant and beautiful by its' tiny presence.


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