Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Creative Process 2016

Spring daffodil collection on my easel 2016

I thought it might be helpful to share my views on painting in a loose style because I am meeting so many artists on my workshops who feel they must complete a painting each time they paint. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that way of working because many artists , professional and amateur do just that. Paint a complete painting each time they pick up a brush.

But I am also seeing so many paintings literally raced to be finished when a little time taken to think about each brushstroke could have led the artist to a much better,and far more professional looking, result. 

Painting to learn or improve our skills really should see us enjoying the creative process. There is great value in taking quality time to absorb what we are doing and achieving. If we race the creative journey sometimes we miss important "learning" information along the way. Which can lead to a disastrous result and a feeling of having failed. Racing to start another new painting with the hopes of it being better and repeating the same race of completing it can lead to not only one disastrous result but many. And this can then put the painter off painting. Which isn't good!

Slow Down!

There is no "failure" in painting. The joy in moving the brush itself makes what you are doing worth while. Each time you pick up your brushes you are learning, regardless the level of artist you consider yourself to be.

I don't want to "churn out" art that is exactly the same from one day to the next. I want to strive to be better. I still am learning so much each time I paint. And to be honest, if I ever get to a stage where I feel I am not learning I will put my brushes down. I want to see work thrown into the bin that I am not satisfied with. I never want to accept that what I paint is my best. I know when I do paint something that I love the feeling in my heart is the most joyous ever. These paintings go into my exhibitions and deserve a place there. But these magical paintings are created from all the experimental journeys along the way. In my learning and creative process.

Yes, I can paint the same thing repeatedly and successfully. But there is no joy in that for me. The kind of artist I am is impressionistic, exploratory and creative. I love the learning journey. I don't wish to reach a destination. I love where I am now, heading to somewhere exciting constantly.  Its like my wanting to see Venice for the first time. The build up of anticipation was so heady. I loved seeing Venice but I have. and I would go again. But when I paint I keep the enthusiastic energy very much alive by my not wishing to actually get to a set place. The journey is the excitement for me.

So please when you are painting. ask yourself a few questions.

Are you enjoying painting? 
Do you find it a stressful experience and if so why? 
Think about how you could improve your painting time and your results.
 Possibly you may need to take time out to think about your painting process.

I love mine! 

I wake each day racing to paint and I long to paint on the days when I can't. And I have been painting for years. A professional friend recently told me they wished they could feel as enthusiastic about painting and even teaching their workshops as I do, and as they once did. They feel tired after painting and teaching for so long. And I felt sad because they are so talented and  their work is gorgeous.

Painting, like life, is what you make it.

I put " buzz" into my life and my art.

And you can too!

So paint in a way that suits you, not anyone else, and create work that you are enjoying creating and loving achieving when results are terrific. And if you are learning to paint, good for you. Keep practising and remember it is , after all, just a piece of paper.

Happy painting and I mean " happy" painting!


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Artist Flynn Gentry-Taylor said...

Wonderful advice and I definitely will not be doing anymore 30 day challenges..I love the "Midwifery" term used by Jamie Kelley...quite intriguing. Thanks so much for sharing all with your fans. Can't wait to see what each day brings from you, now I will enjoying what each day brings for me, without comparison to others..