Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Spring Madness

Muscari, violets and primroses

When the sun shines it is heaven to sit in the garden and relax by painting. At least it would be heaven, but today there was so much to do that all I could fit in painting wise was time to add to an existing Spring Border painting. I knew my mind wasn't set on just painting today as I am distracted by other things at the moment. However rather than not pick up my brushes at all, I have added a few dark details to the foreground of this piece to make the leaves appear as they become defined.

It worked. I am calmer.

This few minutes painting time brought me back down to the calm place my mind needs to be in right now, as there is so much happening.  All exciting but making my life really busy.

I had also agreed to an interview which took up most of my afternoon. But the questions raised were really fascinating and gave me time to think which perhaps I honestly needed to do. I know I definitely need more quiet painting time!

So blues, yellows and greens are on my palette today and what a glorious mix of Spring colours they are.

Happy painting.


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