Sunday, 3 April 2016

Spring Bouquet : WIP 2016

 Spring Bouquet

I am having such a happy time working on this Spring Bouquet. This painting started by my picking flowers that had been knocked down by a storm, from my garden. We have planted a variety of daffodils over time, so each year there is great joy in seeing them bloom adding instant sunshine to our lives regardless of the weather.

I placed these forlorn flowers in my studio and began painting them.

 The original flowers I picked after the storm hit our cottage garden

As time passed I threw away the dead flowers from the vase and added new ones. So the composition I was looking at changed daily keeping m eon my toes and keeping my observation skills very much alive. 

I have painted this piece a little bit like creating a jigsaw puzzle. Adding parts where I knew they would fit and leaving the missing sections until later. I started with painting the centres of flowers that caught my eye. Next I placed a few side view blooms at the edges of the composition, replicating what I could see in the vase in front of me. Once this was complete I began adding colour to the central section.

Starting with a few confident details. The centres and  side view blooms.

Now I can add little details daily until I am satisfied it is complete as a painting. Its a slow work in progress giving me time to learn and improve my art from it.

I am loving this piece. Its' a joy to work on. Its' made me stop and think about how I paint too which I will share in another blog post.


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