Monday, 11 April 2016

A Song For Spring 2016

Spring Composition bursting with life and energy
Work in Progress

Last week I held my UK Spring Watercolour Workshops in UK and time absolutely flew by. Thank you to all the amazing artists who attended, who made the week so wonderful and who, like me, had a terrific time.

I love my workshops. I put so much of myself into each one, planning well in advance the theme, subject material, techniques and colours I will be sharing. My goal when I teach is to have every single artist attending leaving me feeling 100% inspired on a personal level.
I must admit I often feel envious of the artists who are painting after my demonstrations as I would love to sit and paint quietly with them too but this is the time when I walk around the venue giving one on one personal attention as needed. Some artists are happy to paint quietly after demonstrations whilst others get stuck temporarily and that is when I am there to give advise.

I came home on Friday after a full week teaching, desperate to move my brushes but I spent the weekend with my daughter and family in Wales. Which was such a fabulous and very welcome break. However this morning I couldn't wait to move my brushes.

I have so much to share from last week so please follow my blog as some gorgeous posts are coming this way over the next few days. Full of tips and advise.

My next UK workshops are in June.  They are fully booked but often cancellations occur so please get in touch if you are not already on my contact list.

Now its' time for me to paint some more and I am so excited about that thought! 


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