Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Just One Of Those Days

 Spring Energy

It really is one of those days when there is so much to do, so many emails to reply to and administration for my courses to be handled. But when the sun shines I can't ignore it. I have been sat quietly in my garden painting from life but when I returned to my studio I looked at all the delicious colours on my palette and decided to add them to a composition that has been sat neglected for a while.

I had been painting muscari (grape hyacinth ) . The beautiful blues, turquoises and purple shades looked fabulous next to yellow so I added them as a background to create an exciting painting. The result is quite effective even though it isn't quite finished. And you can see the result above.

Within this large painting there are many small sections that I really like. Such as the close up below.

Close up, a painting within a painting.

The muscari I am painting, along with primroses, is such a quiet little piece. But it has led me to even more exciting ideas.

Muscari and Primroses
 Painted in my garden this afternoon.


Artists Tips

1) Paint when the mood grabs you and let everything else wait. ( If you have that option!)
2) Make the most of sunshine.
3) Observe colours of subjects in natural light
4) Paint from real life not photographs all the time.
5) Try new ideas
6) Use colour combinations you haven't used before
7) Try to make each new painting one that you enjoy working on.

And practise , practise , practise!


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