Saturday, 16 April 2016

A Peaceful Weekend


As the last few months have been so busy with little time to rest I decided to take a complete break from painting this weekend. But I didn't actually do very well achieving my goal. I checked my email first thing this morning and realised I was inundated with wonderful requests for places on my workshops in New Orleans and Florida. I know when I am excited about a future event I feel impatient for a reply so I headed to my studio to respond and put everyone in touch with the appropriate organisers. But I knew once I was in my studio I would start painting.

I am a watercolour addict. I just can't leave my brushes alone for two minutes.

I felt after sending so many replies I deserved some painting time and picked up my brushes. Heaven knows where the above figure came from. I have been painting flowers all week so this random subject came out of the blue but maybe my mind was still hankering after the thought of resting or watching a movie for a change. Something I very rarely do.

I am not happy with the figure outline because I am in love with how the light plays on the hand in the hair. The light effect here is fascinating me. I do like the way the watermark has created the upper shoulder too. The left hand side of this painting I am really pleased with. It has given me so many ideas for new work and has an ethereal feel to it. I could drape material over the lower body of the figure which could  change the story of the painting altogether.

I love "thinking" about my work. I love leaving my studio really thinking of  how I can progress with a train of thought. Tomorrow is a new day. Knowing me this feeling of needing to rest will be long gone by then and I will feel like painting energetic dancers instead. But I so hope I can keep this peaceful feeling and pull it into my next composition.

It makes a change for me not to be quite so energetic!


Thank you so much to everyone who has contacted me for workshop places in Florida and New Orleans. I am overwhelmed with the interest in my workshops and thrilled.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like a place on these courses as they are filling up very quickly!

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