Sunday, 27 March 2016

Welcome Home : Daffodils

 Daffodil Wash : March 2016
Gorgeous spring flowers starting to appear in the early stages of a new painting of daffodils.

I have been away so long from my blog and have so much exciting news to share but this morning I couldn't wait to simply paint. So please excuse me from catching up with fabulous news as I truly had the urge to move my brushes rather than type today!

I woke to gorgeous sunshine and a beautiful variety of daffodils are blooming in my cottage garden. After my recent trip to Daniel Smith Art Store where I was teaching workshops I have fantastic new colours to try out, and of course share here.

I eagerly picked a few daffodils that had been knocked down by heavy rain and winds , bringing them into my studio to work from as inspiration.

Daffodil selection from my garden

Next I lay a few tubes of Daniel Smith colours out next to the real flowers and chose which worked best for me. I wanted to gain a strong feeling of sunshine and the season. Spring is a time of new life and energy so this is important to capture in my finished piece. The colours I choose will lift spirits and cheer me on future rainy days which in UK are many!

Here are the shades I chose.

 Five Daniel Smith shades which are great for painting daffodils!

Permanent Orange . Great for the glowing flower centres.
Azo Yellow. Stunning for the  yellow petals.
Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue. Perfect for adding glow as a glaze or simply deep petals sections.
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine : For the petal tips and  for the foliage
Pthalo Yellow Green. Perfect for Spring foliage and this shade truly glows!

I have many new shades from my recent tour of Canada and USA to share . And lots of new ideas too.

But for now its time for me to get painting again but I hope to add to my blog very soon!


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hap said...

My favorite flower is the daffodil, as it's always blooming on my Birthday! It's a herald of the gorgeous Spring to come and it's also one of my favorite subjects to paint. As usual, your workshop inspires me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and reach for that jar of Magic you dip YOUR brush into! I'll be looking forward to many efforts this week!! I'm glad you and John are home, and Bailey will lighten your heart each day! Thank you SO much for sharing your time, talent, and inspiration with us at Daniel Smith, I'll say hello to everyone for you next time I'm in the store...which won't be long as I am OUT of Azo Yellow !