Friday, 8 September 2017

Building Up Speed

"Thrilling Win"
New horse racing scene coming to life in watercolour

What a week. Footfall to my solo exhibition has been wonderful as have sales.  I have been frantically working on my new book hoping to complete it before I leave for my USA Fall tour.  I have written features which meant deadlines needed to be met.

And I am happily working on new pieces, and thinking about my next show which will be in London. I will share details as soon as possible but for now, knowing so much has to be done, painting and writing needs to be my priority.

Even so I found this new watercolour really  thrilling to work on.  The strength in the colour, sense of action and feeling of " the win" is undeniable.

I will admit again that I get worn out painting these scenes. I'm not just creating a painting. I am actually riding the winning horse! 

Oh yes, always the winning horse, the view seems much better from out front!


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