Monday, 25 September 2017

Last Rose of Summer: Daniel Smith Shades

Rose, painting and Daniel Smith colours from my studio work this morning

Although Autumn is here roses are still blooming in my garden, hanging on to Summer and I don't blame them. They look so beautiful. As if they are denying that things are about to change weather wise. Some things are out of our control, like the seasons. But everything that is beautiful we should make the most of whilst we are able to. 

Today I picked a few roses and carried them into my studio. Into the warm to paint. I have roses in every colour blooming but the pink ones caught my attention.

Before painting I placed a few dots of colour on paper to try out a few possible shade choices.

The following are my favourite shades, all by Daniel Smith.

1) Opera Pink. Perfect for painting summer roses!
2) Rose Madder Permanent . I absolutely love this colour , it adds a terrific richness to my floral work.
3) Quinachridone Lilac. I use this sparingly for depth underneath the petal edges. It creates interest and gives impact as a new addition to what could be just a plain pink painting.
4) My favourite of all. Rhodonite Genuine. My secret favourite. It gives me such a great effect. 

I love Daniel Smith watercolours for giving me such variety in so many ways with colours that excite and lift the soul. Especially when the day is as grey as it is today here in UK.

I can heavily dilute any of these shades to give me translucent petals or use the pigment more heavily for  stronger bold impact.

But for now I am painting roses. The last of this year from my garden.

And I am already longing for the summer of 2018!

Opera Pink rose, heavily diluted pigment makes this piece work well.


cindy said...

what shade of yellow did you use on the single rose? I love your work! I recently ordered a couple of your books (color and light, and paint yourself calm) from amazon and can't wait for them to arrive.

Caroline said...

Hi Jean - how fugitive is that Opera Pink?

(Love your books - have only just discovered your blog! xxx)