Monday, 4 September 2017

When The Cold Wind Blows : Experimental Watercolour 2017

"When The Cold Wind Blows"

With all the excitement of my exhibition opening this past weekend I was looking forward to being in my studio again this morning. I worked on my new book and as the day drew to a close I continued with my experimental journey in watercolour. Each time I try something completely new there is an excitement within my soul that cannot be described. I have barely left my easel as colour after colour, new technique after new technique emerged and I am thrilled with the results from the session which saw me try just about everything on several new paintings.

I am hit by how suddenly the weather in UK has changed taking us from the warmth of Summer into what should be a glorious Autumn. But the sky today has been grey and dull instead. Queens Anne's Lace adorns the canal banks where I often stroll in the early evenings near our home. It won't be long before the nights are darker and that is what influenced my experiments this afternoon.

I often wonder how dark can you go with watercolour and still have a good result. With colour obviously shining rather than being muddy in appearance. Below French Ultramarine and Indigo give dark blue for a night sky. Whilst white paper and violet bring the structural shapes to life of the plants in the foreground.

Structural shapes of Winter bring me exciting results in a watercolour composition

Cobalt Turquoise was stunning as a backdrop for my darker shades.  Using a water spray bottle gained fabulous soft effects as colours merged on paper, not in my palette. I don't use masking fluid as that leaves me with white paper restricting movement of the very pigments I love so much in action.

 Exciting patterns achieved by many experiments that led to this way of working.

I have a year ahead of wonderful workshops to look forward to, a new book to complete, filming in USA at the beginning of 2018  and an offer of yet another new book once this one is completed. Life is good but all I want to do really is paint.

And experiment, which will take my mind off  the cooler weather!



Barbara said...

The darks worked. They look vibrant and mysterious.

davkfmn said...

Thank You again for sharing Your inspirational & passionate work

Hope all is well