Monday, 14 December 2009

A Christmas Wish Come True.

" All I want for Christmas is..........." 
Taffy our Bearded Collie in Santa Hat!

While I am recovering from surgery placing gifts under the chimney to make our cottage feel as though Santa has  paid an early visit a brown envelope arrived by post. I knew immediately what was inside.This year I recieved the most exciting gift of all as a dream I have long carried is about to come true. I have always wanted to write a book on watercolour. Over the years so many people have asked me to do just that sharing my  way of working and ideas. At the beginning of this year I was in touch with a publisher who started the magical journey to this dream coming true.

And so I came to hold the first proof in my hands and read the text along with seeing the images in print for the very first time. I held the package for the longest time before I opened it as the feeling of knowing what the contents were was so wonderful I simply  wanted to hold on to that sensation for the longest time. The feeling of excitement and  joy from putting it all together over the last twelve months is so hard to describe but this will be my happiest Christmas. In another way I also feel as though I am giving gifts to friends all over the world who I already know and those I have yet to meet via sharing my ideas and thoughts on watercolour. To all the artists and students along with friends who have told me I MUST write a book on watercolour I owe a huge thank you.

I know I am so very blessed with wonderful people in my life who encourage me and enrich my life in so many ways. Sometimes I feel I live a magical dream so that even a minor blip of having to go into hospital at this time of year is nothing other than an excuse to rest before the next exciting adventure.

2010 will see a huge dream of mine come true along with many other exciting experiences from teaching in new locations and countries as well as continually sharing my passion in painting with watercolour.

I wish everyone reading this blog the happiest of Christmas and a wonderful New Year to follow!


Debbie said...

Jean.... you deserve to be happy and excited about this, this is just the most wonderful Christmas present anyone can receive!!!!!!
I think a LOT of people share in your happiness as we in turn will be receiving the same gift when your book finally hits the book shops.... can't wait!!!!!!!

Love the card...... those eyes tell a lovely story!!!!As for Biscuit...... she looks like she has claimed her pressie already!!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas and happy, successful New Year!

Billie Crain said...

Congrats on the book, Jean! Can't wait to see it. When will it be available for sale in the states? I enjoyed your tutorial on Wetcanvas very much so I know I'll be purchasing your book.

Love the dawg!:) She looks more like she's being punished than celebrating. Those sad, sad that her normal expression?

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Thank you so much Debbie,we can celebrate when you are over next year! What a great time that will be!

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Hello Billie,Taffy normally looks very happy but he isn't always keen on dressing up. He seemed to prefer wearing the reindeer antlers!

My book will be available in Summer 2010,not long to wait now!

jane minter said...

how exciting hold on to that moment jean ... dear old taffy in his christmas hat... fantastic

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Hello Jane,thank you so much and I hope your year ahead is filled with many wonderful new paintings!