Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Autumn,Workshops and Faces?

Glorious Autumn
Inspiration has been surrounding me the last couple of months with temptations to paint every time I go for a walk.But the rosehips are now all that is left as leaves have fallen from the trees  while the Winter Season approaches.

Large and small paitings from studies of  Autumn subjects have adorned my art studio and many have already  sold.

I am eagerly  looking ahead to 2010 and workshops all over the world.

Invitations to teach in Norway,France and Portugal are on my schedule along with many other exciting events. It really is going to be a very exciting and interesting year ahead of me.


I open and close each  painting session with warm up exercises on scraps of paper. I often see faces in the  colour combinations and this one in particluar made me smile.  I wonder if you too can see  the Spanish ladys face considering I was playing with colour and not aiming at painting a subject  during this exercise?

The value of experimenting during a painting session has aided my progress as an artist. I often gain ideas  for larger pieces.  I also  find inspiration for new or existings subjects. I could easily add detail to this study to make a small painting but then I would lose the spontaniety of the fun and pleasure I experienced in simply allowing watercolour to work  at will. Watermarks add to the  effect here in a way I couldn't deliberately plan. My chosen medium seems to be my "master" at times with myself as a willing "servant" in its' hands. Always treating it with reverance and respect. At other times I know I feel as though I am the one  in control. Between us we have the most incredible relationship that can lead to magical "happy accidents" or beautiful paintings that are planned and well thought out  beforehand. Flow of colour is beautifully enticing to work further.......and in my tomorrows there will always be something new to capture on paper in a variety of  techniques. I wonder what subjects I will fall in love with on my travels in 2010?  There is so much yet to discover and capture on paper. Life is wonderful for the artist who is passionate about their art
Blog Updates?

It isn't easy keeping a blog up to date as I am so busy with exhibitions and workshops along with writing continually but I will add as often as I am able to. It does feel very strange sharing when you have no idea who is reading what you type. Or even knowing if anyone is interested!  Next week I will  be in hospital so my blog may be quiet for a while but I will be back and sharing soon. Life threw me an unexpected reason to worry but I know I am still very lucky  and I will be better. Many people would love to be able say that.

Have a wonderful week and happy painting to all my artist friends.


jane minter said...

"happy accidents" :) wonderful jean ... can see a tiny figure in the sleeve

Billie Crain said...

I can see your Spanish lady easily, Jean.:) I rarely try this exercise but I should more often. Btw, the rose hips are lovely!
Best of luck with your surgery(?) and get well quick.:)