Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Washes,Colour and Fun!

When I started this blog I had some wonderful messages letting me know friends were delighted I am sharing studies and my art online other than on my website or in Facebook, which I tend to use more for family and friends. I hope a few smiles will appear when I share this update! Time spent simply playing with washes always inspires my larger paintings. I often come across simple ideas that act as a base for future work on a variety of subjects.

Painting for exhibitions, galleries and commissions leaves me often looking back at the days when I painted purely for fun. Often never worrying whether I would complete a piece or even have a successful result. To keep that wonderful feeling of "being new" to watercolour alive I explore ways to improve my work at every opporunity. My latest paintings and my recent journey in art has led me to a point where I am having a fantastic time looking ahead to what I want to achieve.

The most amazing situation is that I have been writing a book on watercolour and I have taught myself so much in the process of creating it. It has been as though I have been sitting on my own workshops and enjoying every minute. The project has enriched my life far more than I ever could have expected.

But back to painting and sharing..........

Cockerel Study No 1. Playing with an underwash to act as the foundation for the further brushwork. Just a very loose wash that tempts me to work further in my favourite technique. I am developing a new approach to underwashes, mid layers and final details which is so exciting to explore and believe in.