Monday, 9 November 2009

Autumn Glory

Autumn is an inspiration to my palette. Each day I see new colour combinations and ideas for compositions that are unique and interesting from sights full of incredible formations. As an artist it is impossible not to be motivated to race home and pick up your brush from morning walks on carpets of leaves in shades of red and gold.

It is a sheer delight to simply play with pigment to see how it interacts allowing shapes to form rather than make decisions on painting a definite subject.Although I know from these studies this is where I am heading. To a large Autumn Scene that captures the atmosphere of the countryside at this time of year.

Last week saw me very busy with gallery visits delivering work and organizing exhibitions for 2010. I also heard news that a painting I had donated to a charity auction for the Judi Meadows Fund raised a bid of £1000 which I am very touched by. We can never step into anyone elses shoes but if there is something we can do to help,offer support or simply show we care then that makes our lives enriched and far more worth living. You can read more about the Judi Meadows Memorial Fund via this link.

Art to me is a part of who I am,I feel passionately about watercolour and if by my love for this medium I can help others in any way I will continually aim to do so.....knowing that at any time there may be a moment when I too will need that comfort or support or love coming back to me.

Finally I have just recieved the latest issue of the SAA Paint Magazine and seen my recent feature on how to paint dogs in a loose style. It has been such a joy to recieve feedback from SAA members who have loved the series, reading about how the style has been followed. I am so blessed in so many life is a blessing and in it I daily come across amazing people from all walks of life who fascinate me,become firm friends and share in so many ways.

Have a wonderful week..........