Friday, 27 June 2014

Red is for Love: Roses in Watercolour

Vibrant Red Roses in an almost finished watercolour
Such joy in this piece.

I started the day with a blog post on roses and thought it might be nice to share one last post to end my painting day too, with roses again. 

I am absolutely having a fantastic time painting roses in my garden. But I have already spent so much time working on pink blooms and a particular red rose has been calling to me all week. This afternoon I couldn't resist any longer. So here is my  latest rose painting.It is nearly complete and as it came to life the joy in each brushstroke was incredible. I am on a heavenly high, the kind that comes when the colours you have used have made you feel great.

I also feel very close to Blanche Odin, my heroine  in the art world of painting flowers. I so hope she would have liked these. Her inspiration wieghs on my shoulders each time I start a new rose painting as I wish one day to paint them at least half as well as she did.

 I am really excited  because I have also recieved so many wonderful emails with invitations to fabulous art events and workshop destinations. On top of this, I have  had really good news but unfortunately cannot share the details because for now its' a huge secret, sorry,  but please watch this space.

I honestly believe if you do good in this world or make others happy then wonderful things come back to you. I must have made someone very happy today judging by the glow I am feeling from reading a particualy exciting email today!

Roll on tomorrow and happy painting!



Lori said...

This piece is just spectacular, the colors are so rich yet clean and vibrant, amazing!

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Thank you so much, I loved painting this piece, I felt as though happiness flowed into every brush stroke.

Jeremy Lee (Mun Loong) said...

Can't help not posting a comment. It caught my eyes obviously. Simply love this! especially the boldness and the richness! The green petals excites me too!

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Thank you so much Jeremy, its wonderful to see you and I am delighted you left a comment. Thank you! Jean

Steffi Franke said...

Kann ich mich nur anschließen.
Spektakulär und ein Hingucker. Besonders gefällt mir die untere Ecke rechts...die Farben, wie die Blätter auslaufen.