Monday, 23 June 2014

Painting From Life : Roses in Watercolour

Roses in Watercolour

 Roses painted in my garden yesterday

Yesterday I spent the most wonderful Sunday quietly painting roses in my garden. One variety has gorgeous buds at the side of each main flower. This added beautifully to my composition as the roses  were clustered tightly together

 Rosebuds alongside the main flowers, photograph taken in my cottage garden yesterday.

It seems like ages since I had the luxury of time to myself. To paint at will, whatever I wished to  and on my own. I have been so busy with art events, workshops, working on my new book and exhibitions.  But now I have a break to be as creative as I want to, and importantly taking time to improve my own art skills.We all continually grow as artists and I am on the most incredible of journeys meeting so many fascinating people along the way, who like me enjoy working in watercolour.

Every year when I paint roses I am reminded of my time living in France where I discovered the work of  Madame Blanche Odin. Her beautiful paintings of roses inspire me continually. My dream would be that one day, someone would say that my paintings of roses inspired them. That would be such a wonderful legacy to leave when  years from now I am no longer here.

For now though , I am still setting myself the challenge of painting roses in a way that  I feel I am capturing their beauty and sweet perfume. I set myself new challenges  daily.

One rose  is defiantly standing alone in my garden.  Almost begging me to paint it. So today I have set my easel up near it and I am  softly bringing it to life. My brushstrokes are gentle so that I can sense the silkiness of each petal.

Single Rose in my garden, todays new subject and favourite flower.

I have started as always with no preliminary sketch. I am using Winsor &Newton Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Yellow, as these two shades combined with dilution for transparency are perfect for painting roses. I am using my favourite Saunders Waterford 300lbs paper so that I can apply large amounts of water to gain a wonderful flow. This also aids my painting outside as the sun is drying my work very quickly.

Single rose first wash, minus a sketch.
Details are to be added next 


I have lots of news to share but life is still very busy.

1) I will be sharing the dates and locations of my 2015 USA tour this week

2) To everyone who has contacted me about my Bearded Collie paintings. You will be recieving emails very soon

3) Stock for my DVDs from Patchings at the special offer price is available on my web site but only a few sets are still available. First come, first served!

4) I am currently in an exhibition at the "Dogs in Art" Gallery in Stockbridge, Hampshire for my Annual Summer Show. "Here Comes the Sun" runs until the end of June although I will have work on display until the end of July when I will be supported by other artists in a group exhibition.Details can be found on my web site. 


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Marigold Fairweather said...

Thank you so much for sharing your roses with the rest of the world. I found you this morning in Australia...and am still smiling at the thought of you painting such beauty in the summertime, whilst I shiver by the hearth! I can almost smell them from here... X