Thursday, 26 June 2014

Fascinating Foxgloves 2014

 Foxgloves 2014

Every year I discover wonderful new ways to paint favourite subjects. This year time spent working on my new book is inspiring me to a completely new level with my art. I am exploring colour, looking at ways to simplify the creative process so that readers of each chapter will  know what I am painting is achievable and at the same time I want  excitement in each painting for my own soul. My own personal artist satisfaction.

To me there is  absolutely no point in painting if you are being repetitive. I yearn for something new with each touch of my brush.  When I demonstrated at Patchings in the St Cuthbert Mill Marquee this year I loved how the audience enjoyed my adding darks to a first wash of soft foxgloves. Until that point the piece had looked pretty but lacked drama. And drama is exactly what I was aiming for on these new paintings of foxgloves. Drama, impact and the wow factor.

I am also using new colours to me and my current favourite is Daniel Smith Quinchridone Fuschia. It glows! I am experimenting with two ideas. Foxgloves in the darker section of my garden have inspired the depth in one painting whilst sunshine has influenced my way of working on the lighter piece. They are both fascinating to work on and I love the feeling of energy flowing in each painting.

 But the Daniel Smith Quinachridone Fuschia is so exciting to use that  I carried on with experimental washes. The image below is one I painted earlier this week. The watermarks in this piece and light effects are fabulous and it has also made me feel happy just by looking at it.

 Faerie Fantasy

There is so much to enjoy painting from life at this time of year and no better time to experiment with hot colours. By the way, I am currently writing a new feature for the Artist Magazine with a fantastic new competition. Prizes will be glorious Daniel Smith Watercolours so please start working with those reds and be ready to enter. 

 Foxglove Favour
I feel as though fairies could be hidden in this piece somewhere as it brings back childhood memories of my Grandfather telling me about them in his garden. This is almost finished but not quite.

Artist Tip : Don't keep putting off painting.  Just do it!


Shelley Whiting said...

This painting is very free and loose. Beautiful expressive work.

Deborah said...

Hi Jean! So happy that you are enjoying painting with our DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Fuchsia!
~Deborah at DANIEL SMITH

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Thank you so much Shelley , its lovely of you to leave a comment:) Jean

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Deborah, how lovely to see you. Yes I am having a ball with my Daniel Smith watercolours. They are fantastic! I will be sending you an email this week, have a fantastic weekend. Jean