Monday, 16 November 2009

House Of Lords and Africa?

What an amazing life I lead. I had started a blog with the intention of adding on a regular basis but my life is so busy I find it impossible to share online in any form lately. But here is an update of all that is happening with me at the moment and a tiny clue as to why I am "quiet" as a blogger!


Last week I was invited to the House of Lords. I met so many fascinating people and my heart was touched by the charity organizing the event in such an incredible venue. International Childcare Trust.......helping children in need from all over the world. You can find out more about the charity via this link.


SWA Society of Women Artists and FAS Farnham Arts Society.

My week was full as I had two committee meetings. The SWA Society of Women Artists and the Farnham Arts Society. This meant I was in London on Remembrance day,observing the two minute silence after witnessing the scenes of the day which were very emotional.


SAA Society for All Artists Paint Magazine.

This week is full yet again with the last in the series of "How To Paint Dogs in a Loose Style" for the SAA needing completing and I have work to complete for my book which is to be published next year. I am looking at members paintings that have been sent in following my series and I feel so in awe of art from working minus a pencil and just working with colour directly. I am thrilled by the response and in love with many of the paintings.

My painting of "Mans Best Friend" inspired by the series is now in my studio, framed and almost ready to leave home but I am enjoying him so much. He reminds me of our own rescue dog from China so much it is hard to part with. Maybe as artists we all have a piece that tugs at our heart strings just that wee bit more. "Mans Best Friend" original watercolour by Jean Haines


David Shepherd WildLife Fund

Talking of heart strings this week I also have a meeting for the David Shepherd Wildlife Fund which I am really looking forward to. My recent "Africa" Watercolour Workshop helped adopt a moon bear and a baby elephant. However next year sees the 2010 Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition. Please if you are an artist reading my blog get involved and submit a painting. Through your brushstrokes you can do so much so please help. For more inspiration and details please see the following link.....

A colourful wash from an "Africa" workshop session.......this painting will also be donated to charity.

Watercolours With Life Workshops

Every Monday sees me start the week with Administration and requests for my Watercolours With Life Workshops are really taking over my inbox along with requests for demonstrations. Life is so wonderful and I know I am blessed to not only see and live as an artist but also have the opportunity to help charities I feel passionate about with my work.

Once upon a time it was enough to paint an image,feel the result was successful and frame the piece. Then it was exciting to sell. to know someone loved your work so much they wanted to own it. Now that isn't enough. Now there is more of a challenge to see how much I can achieve to help others with my art. Life is to me about giving........and if what we give is genuinely from our hearts our lives really are worth living.

I wish everyone reading this a wonderful week ahead with many fabulous paintings in it or special memories created.