Monday, 2 November 2009

A White Piece of Paper?

I love waking on a Monday. To me it represents a white piece of paper. I may have ideas on what the week will bring but just as when you start a painting in watercolour, surprises are always waiting around the corner. I know I have a diary full of commitments and a studio waiting for me to pick up my brushes. By Friday I should be able to look back with a smile and see what I have achieved in the last few days. I am certain that wonderful word "smile" is the most important secret for a happy and successful life!


This weekend saw the close of my latest exhibition. It was a really wonderful experience meeting so many people at the preview and at workshops hosted by the gallery.

Part of this collection has been purchased by a British Embassy including two of my favourite paintings."Showing Off" which was featured in Hampshire Life magazine and "A La Marche" which was the winning experimental painting in the SAA Artist of the year competition earlier this year.

Appropriately the lucky black cat that has sat in my studio bringing me luck for the last twelve months also sold along with all the cards for each of the main paintings in the show. So I need to paint myself another "lucky" painting and quickly!