Sunday, 8 May 2011

Facing Facts

Facing Facts

Nose,mouth and beard section of a face.  
Early stages of a portrait in watercolour minus a preliminary sketch

 Today I have taken time out to look back at my journey in watercolour. Starting from being a botanical artist where every tiny detail was accurately placed in my early work to the portraits that I so loved painting whilst living in Dubai. I can remember being told by other artists at the time that portraits never sold. I didn't listen as my passion for painting them as a subject was not to be denied. I continue to paint faces of all nationalities and love doing so but as the years have passed by the yearn to capture a sense of life in each is even more important. I wish to breathe a sense of magic into each new face as if it could jump off the paper towards the viewer.

This week has been so wonderfully busy with gallery appointments and meetings. I have also finally  fully moved into my new studio and my computer has also now been installed here. I have unpacking still to  manage of many huge boxes that have been in storage since our last home. These hold many treasures and memories of years travelling and living all over the world. There was no point in bringing them out of storage until I had the space to put all my art belongings. Now I have the space it's wonderful to step into yesteryear and find all my past. Facing the artist I was and comparing her to the artist I am today.Among my favourite pieces to see again are many portraits that I have painted and missed. These used to be a best seller regardless of what anyone told me back then. I have, and always will paint from my heart as I want to,and when I want to. Not because a subject is popular or may be easier to sell.

And this I believe is a wonderful piece of advise to heed.  

Always be true to yourself. 
 Paint what you want to paint and how you wish to paint it. 
Take positive advise on board and ignore anything that is negative or unhelpful.

Everyone is on their own art jounrey which may mean absolutely nothing to you so their advise or opinion may actually hold you back. Had I stopped painting faces years ago I doubt I would ever have found my  personal style because the portraits then led me to where I am now.  By working without a pencil on a subject that needed definition I  found my way to a unique style that is totally me and I am so happy that I did. It is wonderful passing on my technqiues to everyone coming to my watercolour sessions and I am thrilled when others enjoy painting faces as much as I do. And there are so many, of all ages to paint!

This afternoon I visited an " old friend" and painted him again. A gentleman I have met in person who has twinkling eyes and a strong personality.

Face beginning to come to life in watercolour.

It is time of course to unpack a few more boxes but it was wonderful to take a break and visit my blog just for a few minutes!


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Life of Brian said...

Your words are inspirational Jean. Thanks for this.