Monday, 2 May 2011


Eyes to My Soul

Cats eyes  in Watercolour

It is amazing how many wonderful cats and dog photographs are passed my way to paint for certain projects. Right now I am on the hunt for exciting dog images in wonderful poses. I also wanted some beautiful cats eyes in a variety of colours to work with for my book.  I now have so many blue eyed subjects that I am spoilt for choice in which to use. 

The above cat painting in watercolour is coming along really well and will possibly be finished today. I say possibly as I have several large paintings on the go that are calling to my brushes.This  heady feeling of excitement and anticipation at the beginning of every new day is an amazing feeling and  fabulous way to live.

I cannot wait to pick up my brushes this morning as I genuinely believe magic may just happen.

Whatever you are painting today I hope it makes you feel terrific. And if you aren't an artist I hope you see at least one incredible sight that makes you wish you were!

I have meetings this week regarding my Autumn 2011 Watercolour Workshops so news will be posted here soon.

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