Thursday, 11 February 2010

Colour of Friendship

A simple telephone call can turn into a creative few minutes if  scraps of paper are at hand. The childhood habit of "doodling" is evident even when I am on the phone especially when I am having a light hearted conversation with a close friend. When working on serious paintings  I shut myself in my studio and avoid any interruptions.But there are times when it is fun to take a break.

I think this collection of colour really does reflect the warmth and personality of the friend who had called me.The light really does reflect my mood. Carefree, happy and  so full of the joy of new life that surrounds me this Spring.

Colour of Friendship

I love how granulation creates texture interest and the way a mixture of pattern edges give the loose interpretation of flowers.

Granulation Effects and flower patterns forming

As primroses sit on my  studio desk in a pretty pot they are the main influence. I paint what I see as well as what I feel. Emotion is in this small piece as my  feelings for this particular friend shine so brightly.

She is caring, genuinely warm and  full of spirit.

Our paintings reflect our personality. Mine is gentle which often is evident in my brushstrokes.

I feel I have captured the colour of friendship in this unfinished piece.

And what a wonderful way to pass the time with a friend even if it is via the phone!



Debbie said...

I really love these colours Jean.. a slight variation to your norm!

frank said...

Accidentally stumbled in here. Good watercolor art, nice technique,
very impressive! Congratulations on the book


Helen said...

Beautiful colours Jean and beautiful words!!!

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Hi there Debbie,yes they are different.

I was in a very relaxed and quiet mood when I literally threw these colours on.......great fun, a great phone call and friend and a really surprising result! Its wonderful yo see you but I can't wait to see you here in UK this Spring!

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Hello Frank, I loved seeing your reply.It's wonderful to know someone who found a blog accidentally actually took the time to leave a comment,that really is kind and generous...many thanks and I am delighted you like my work.

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Hi Helen,thank you for inspiring the wash!