Thursday, 4 February 2010

Market Street Gallery Spring Exhibition 2010

It was wonderful to see the poster and advertising for my Spring 2010 Exhibition at the Market Street Gallery in Alton, Hampshire , U.K.

Preparations are now ell under way and the workshops are all fully booked.

At the moment I am working on several new collections for later in the year and my new book. The work in this  Spring Exhibition will be a wonderfully exciting mix of favourite subjects and new. For me the pheasnat  which has been chosen for this poster is a wonderful subject for Hampshire Life. It is almost impossible to  walk anywhere or drive in our country lanes and not see these beautiful birds.

And at night the soft call of an owl often leaves me in no wonder at all why I adore living here.

Each painting is  created minus the use of a preliminary sketch, each piece is full of expressive brushstrokes and there will be paintings I don't want to part with. As always I find it hard to let go of  paintings I have become emotionally connected to in the creation process. They are part of me and my watercolour journey. This will be a particularly special show.

I will be at the gallery for the Private Preview. There will be  invitations to this event  which is always a magical evening to open the show. Please contact the gallery if you would like to come to meet me or see my work. Whilst the number is limited it is always a pleasure to make new friends and meet new collectors. The gallery are very friendly and will be happy to give you full details.

For me,this is the start of a wonderfully exciting New Year and this show will be full of surprises!

My image of  "Expect the Unexpected from this Artist" will be very much in evidence.


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