Friday, 12 February 2010

Diary of a New Author

It has been an incredible week. As I mentioned in a previous post a form of fear set in prior to my cover being released. I laughed at first because I wasn't expecting these emotions but the mild fear gradully turned to complete panic as the day grew nearer when I would be showing the cover for the very first time. Friends were eager to see it and all over the world artists who had asked me to write were also nudging my arm for a clue as to when they could finally see what I had  been working on.

I shared the cover on facebook and my blog and almost felt like hiding which is absolutely ridiculous! This is when being connected with artists from all over the world helps. I came in touch with Nita Leland on facebook and confessed how I felt. This very wonderful artist not only took the time to listen and reach out. Nita understood my feelings. She gave me that extra confidence with wonderful words of encouragement and from here I shared the cover details. My book was out there for all to see and hear about with a helping hand from an already highly successful author.

Please take a look at Nitas blog  and her work. Her  fabulous personality shines and it is because of this artist many of my friends actually finally got to see the cover of my book!

Now I am sat here with the final proof of my book. There seems to be always one more " final proof" !  I am told this really is it. The last chance to change anything as it is ready to go to print now and be on sale. It has been to the professional proof reader prior to its release and it has also been to the design team for approval in the layout. My recent meeting covered this aspect and it is interesting to see my ideas come to life on pages instead of a workshop!

Being in the hands of a successful and professional publishers is  essential when entering the world of writing. My leap into being an author has been the most exciting of journeys and I hope from sharing I may inspire other artists to fulfil their dreams.

I have this last chance to change my book before you see it. I am trying to see it through your eyes. I can even name people who will be jumping up and down with happiness because of whats inside......these will be thrilled because they have what they asked me for. And I have tried so hard to please everyone!

I will close this entry with a heartfelt thank you to Nita. We all need someone to turn to at times and for me Nita ,already a star in the art world is now my " Author Angel" for being there ! Thank you so much Nita.



Nita said...

Oh, my, Jean. Thank you. Now I must rush over to my blog and post something. I've been neglecting it since the first of the year!

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Hello Nita,thank you again for being such a fantastic shoulder to lean on at a time when I really needed one!

You are a star in so many ways,and a true inspiration to so many artists.

Thank you!